DraftKings offers a unique rewards program that covers the full slate of its products — casino, sports betting, and fantasy sports.

This is excellent news for players on the platform; the newest iteration of the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program keeps everything in one place and offers a more transparent and rewarding experience for the user.

Dynasty Rewards are akin to what many other major operators offer. This is certainly not a bad thing by any means. Following a tested and tried recipe, the operator makes it easier for the players to know exactly what rewards they can expect and how much they need to play to get to the next level.

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards
🎰 CasinoDraftKings Casino
🏀 SportsbookDraftKings Sportsbook
🪙 Poker RoomN/A
🪜 Number of Tiers5 VIP Tiers
🌎 Where AvailableAcross US and Canada
🖊️ How to Sign UpAutomatically upon creating DraftKings account
🎁 Perks & RewardsExclusive contests & promos, live experiences and more.
🏅 Best ForHigher stakes & big volume players

What are DraftKings Dynasty Rewards?

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards is a loyalty program for customers, offering perks such as exclusive contests, bonuses, and experiences. Users earn Crowns, the program’s virtual currency, by engaging in daily fantasy sports, sports betting, and casino gaming on DraftKings. Crowns can be redeemed for rewards as users progress through different loyalty tiers, unlocking more benefits along the way and incentivizing player loyalty.

Dynasty Rewards Basics: DK Crowns Are Still Here

The new system keeps the site’s virtual bonus currency, Crowns. These loyalty points can be exchanged for bonuses and other rewards at the bonus store. The novelty is that the breakdown of how players earn crowns is more transparent and easier to understand.

Vertical Crowns Earned
Casino (progressive slots) 1 Crown per $1 wagered
Casino (regular slots) 1 Crown per $2 wagered
Casino (table games & video poker) 1 Crown per $8 wagered
Casino (virtual sports & keno) 1 Crown per $2 wagered
Lottery 1 Crown per $1 wagered
Sports betting 1 Crown per $1 wagered on parlays
Sports betting 1 Crown per $2 wagered on straight bets
Fantasy 1 Crown per $1 in entry fees
Marketplace 1 Crown per $2 spent

It is important to note that some real money wagers are excluded from earning Crowns. Sports bets with odds of under -1000 will not count towards Crowns, and neither will any bets made on craps tables. These exclusions are minor and will not influence most players, but it is good to know about them.

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Dynasty Rewards Loyalty Levels & Tier Credits

By participating in real money games, players do not just earn Crowns. They also climb the loyalty club ranks, which gives them access to significant boosts and special rewards not available to lower-tier users.

The DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Loyalty Club features five distinct levels that get unlocked after reaching a certain number of Tier Credits during the calendar year:

Tier Credits are earned at different rates than Crowns, namely:

Vertical Tier Credits
Casino (regular slots) 1 Tier Credit per $10 wagered
Casino (table games & video poker) 1 Tier Credit per $40 wagered
Sports betting 1 Tier Credit per $5 wagered on parlays
Sports betting 1 Tier Credit per $10 wagered on other bets
Fantasy 1 Tier Credit per $5 in entry fees
Marketplace 1 Tier Credit per $10 spent

After reaching the required threshold, players move up to the next level in the loyalty program:

  • Bronze — basic level everyone starts at
  • Silver — 5000+ Tier Credits
  • Gold — 25,000+ Tier Credits
  • Diamond — 90,000 Tier Credits
  • Onyx — 175,000 Tier Credits

Each new level retains all the benefits of the previous levels and adds new ones.

Perhaps the most important is the boost to Crowns. This increases your earn rate across all games. If you achieve Gold, for example, you earn 20% more crowns for every game you play. That means 1.2 crowns for every $2 wagered in sports betting or $5 at table games, for example.

Other perks include access to priority customer support, the VIP Associates program, or an exclusive VIP Host. Diamond and Onyx players can also gift a friend the lower reward tier (Gold or Diamond, respectively).

VIP Level Annual Tier Credits Crowns Boost Weekly Prize Chest VIP
Bronze Open to all
Silver 5000 10% Up to 100k Crowns
Gold 25,000 20% Up to 200k Crowns Priority customer support
Diamond 90,000 30% Up to 1,000,000 crowns VIP Associates
Onyx 175,000 40% Up to 5,000,000 Crowns VIP Host

Redeeming DK Casino Crowns

All players (except for users in Indiana) can redeem their Crowns via the loyalty shop, known as the Dynasty Store (formerly DK Shop) on the site.

Everyone has access to the store from the moment they open an account. However, players in the highest tiers can redeem their Crowns for exclusive live experiences.

Players can exchange their Crowns for DK Dollars at the rate of 550 Crowns for 1 DK Dollar. These are issued as bonus funds, but wagering requirements are just 1x, so you must turn over these once before withdrawing them.

Last verified: April 2024
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For example, you can use 10 DK Dollars to place a $10 sports wager. As soon as that wager settles, you can withdraw all the winnings without further restrictions.

Instead of bonus funds, Crowns can be exchanged for merchandise, gift cards, tickets, travel experiences, and charitable donations.

Some currently featured items in the store right now include:

Item Cost in Crowns $ Equivalent
Apple iPhone Case 33,490 Crowns $60.89
MacBook Pro 761,000 $1383.64
iPhone 13 Pro 783,000 $1423.63

The range of available offers is subject to change, so the best way to see what is available at any given moment is by logging into your DraftKings account and browsing the store.

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DK Crown Values, Boosts, and Promotions

So, how rewarding is the Dynasty Rewards program? Here’s a quick breakdown, assuming crowns are all converted directly to bonus dollars (some items in the store might confer more value).

Everyone reaching the Silver tier will receive a bonus boost on the number of crowns accrued over the month, starting at 10% for Silver members and going up to 40% for players in the Onyx tier. These bonus Crowns are issued during the first week of the following month and can be used in the loyalty store.

The table below shows the base return rate based on games played plus the return on Onyz with the 40% boost.

Crowns Earned per $1 Redemption Rate Return % Return on Onyx (40% Boost)
1 Crown per $1 (progressive slots, lottery, parlays bets, and fantasy) 550 Crowns per 1 DK Dollar 0.182% 0.255%
1 Crown per $2 (marketplace, straight bets, regular slots, keno) 550 Crowns per 1 DK Dollar 0.091% 0.127%
1 Crown per $8 (most table games and video poker) 550 Crowns per 1 DK Dollar 0.036% 0.051%

Fantasy players also have access to special promotions that entail missions and achievements. Completing these missions will also boost the number of base Crowns and increase the overall tally.

Who Is Dynasty Rewards Good For?

Now that you have all the details of DraftKings Dynasty Rewards, you might still wonder how good it is for an average player and who can get the best value from it.

Those making it into the highest loyalty tiers are the ones enjoying the best perks, but, as you can figure out from the numbers listed above, climbing up the tier levels is no easy feat. For example, you need 90,000 Tier Credits to reach Diamond, translating into around $900,000 wagered on slots during one year.

With the added bonus of 30% on the Crown accrual and weekly free Crowns, those reaching this highest level will get a fair bit of value, but considering the kind of commitment required to achieve this, it is nothing out of this world.

The Dynasty Rewards program offers little for lower-stakes and purely casual players. You need to reach the Silver level at the very minimum to start experiencing the advantages of the program, and that alone requires around $20,000 wagered on slots or $10,000 put into parlays during a year.

All this is to say that Dynasty Rewards by DraftKings can provide some nice perks for the most loyal of customers, but if you are more of a casual bettor, you will probably find more value elsewhere.

Last verified: April 2024
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How do I sign up for DraftKings Dynasty Rewards?

You do not need to do anything special to join Dynasty Rewards; no opt-in is required. All players are enrolled automatically as soon as they register with the site. When you start making real money wagers, you will begin collecting Crowns (loyalty points).

  1. Follow this link to create a new DraftKings account
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Verify your account
  4. Pick your favorite casino games or sports markets to bet on
  5. Start earning DK Crowns!

Is DraftKings Dynasty Rewards any good?

The Dynasty Rewards program was designed to reward the most loyal DraftKings Casino and DraftKings Sportsbook customers. Those playing regularly at higher stakes can expect solid returns and perks.

However, DraftKings does not offer that much for smaller-stakes and casual customers. Without moving up the loyalty Tiers, your rewards are minimal, and reaching even the first, Silver level, will require a fair bit of dedication and a decent-sized bankroll.

The program costs nothing to join, so you can always play as usual and see what you earn.

How do I earn Crowns?

Play on almost every DraftKings game generates crowns, including sports betting, casino, and fantasy sports.

However, the earn rate differs for each game: On some, you get 1 Crown for every $1 in bet or wager placed (progressive slots, lottery, parlays, and fantasy); others are 1 Crown for every $2 (marketplace, straight bets, regular slots) and table games and video poker earn at 1 Crown per $8 wagered.

The only bets that earn no crowns are sportsbook wagers at less than -1000 odds and casino craps.

How do the VIP tiers work?

There are five VIP tiers, and you reach them by hitting a points target within a calendar year — starting at Bronze (entry-level) and going up to Onyx (for those who can earn 175,000 Tier Credits in a year). This gives you bonus crowns, access to VIP support, and other perks.

What can I do with the Crowns I collect playing on DraftKings?

Crowns can be exchanged at the Dynasty Store (aka DK Shop) for bonus money (DK Dollars) and other things such as physical merchandise, tickets, competition entries, and charitable contributions. When exchanging Crowns for DK Dollars and Fantasy entries, the exchange rate is 550 Crowns for 1 DK Dollar.

When will I receive my bonus crowns?

Crown boosts are added to the player’s account at the start of each new month based on the number of crowns earned during the previous month. All players in the Silver tier and higher are eligible for Crowns’ boosts, starting at 10%.

Will I earn Crowns playing casino games?

Yes, the latest Dynasty Rewards program includes all players across all DraftKings products. You will earn Crowns if you bet on sports, enter fantasy contests, or play casino games.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500