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More room openings and a cheating scandal?

MAY 29 POKERCAST RECAP: In our longest show in years, we keep you up to date on the poker-room openings, discuss a new "cheating" scandal, there's a new O'Mally's Move and wait till you hear us destroy a famous Hollywood Hand of the Week.

Poker rooms reopen

MAY 22 POKERCAST RECAP: At least 25 poker rooms have reopened or will reopen by the end of the weekend. We have all of the info, plus we complete an O'Mally's Move and Phil N. has a PLO Hand of the Week!

Some casinos and poker rooms opening

MAY 15 POKERCAST RECAP: We have more news of casino and poker room openings. We also have a new O'Mally's Move and Chris L. has K-Q suited for our Hand of the Week.

Some poker rooms opening?

MAY 8 POKERCAST RECAP: Some casinos with poker rooms are opening, but we are skeptical. We also get a nice email from Mike Cantor, a Call the Floor from Phil Norrell, we complete the O'Mally's Move and Jonovan Ottenbacher has 5-5 in the Hand of the Week.

Sneeze guards, charity and worst poker movies

MAY 1 POKERCAST RECAP: Are sneeze guards the future of live poker? Also some charity work is being done and what do we think of a recent list of worst poker movies ever made? There's a new O'Mally's Move and bitguru has a PAIPS Hand of the Week and it's in NLO!

WSOP ppd., PPC settled, future of poker

APRIL 24 POKERCAST RECAP: We give you a longer show this week as the WSOP is postponed, the PPC case is settled and we pontificate on what we think poker will be like in the future. Plus, we complete the latest O'Mally's Move and the last of the Vic G. Hands of the Week plays out for us with 6-6 in the small blind.

Galfond comeback

APRIL 17 POKERCAST RECAP: A mammoth Phil Galfond comeback, sad news from a Florida home game, more charity tourneys and Choose Your Quarantine House are the topics we cover this week in our longer-than-average show. Plus, we have a new O'Mally's Move and another Vic G. Hand of the Week.

Molly’s Game, Mike Postle and charity

APRIL 10 POKERCAST RECAP: We have more on Molly's Game, another Mike Postle lawsuit, a charitable player and pro gambler protection. We also complete an O'Mally's Move and Vic has another Hand of the Week.

Online Spring Series, Postle response, Swap Hold’em

APRIL 3 POKERCAST RECAP: WSOP.com will host a spring series with $4M in guarantees; Mike Postle files his response to the lawsuit, and PokerStars introduces Swap Hold'em. We also have a new O'Mally's Move and Vic's Hands of the Week Extravaganza continues.

More coronavirus news and some other nuggets

MARCH 27 POKERCAST RECAP: We have a coronavirus update across the poker world, a Sunday Millions record, a creative L.A. home game and poker parenting. We gave O'Mally the week off and Vic G. has the Hand of the Week with K-J and there's a straddle.

Coronavirus affects on poker world

MARCH 20 POKERCAST RECAP: It's all coronavirus all the time on the show as we update you on the state of things in the poker world. We also complete an O'Mally's Move and Peter K. has K-2 for the Hand of the Week.

Ante Up Spring Poker Classic

MARCH 13 POKERCAST RECAP: The Ante Up Spring Poker Classic at Vee Quiva in Phoenix kicks off this weekend, plus Scott will be a Thunder Buddy and there's news out of the GPA and Stones Gambling Hall. We also have a new O'Mally's Move and there's Part II of Jonovan's Hand of the Week submission; this time he has 9-8 offsuit in the blind.

Poker in real life?

MARCH 6 POKERCAST RECAP: Scott finds poker in real life again, but Chris disagrees with his assessment of things. What do you think of Scott's XFL gamble? Also, another attempt to stop online gambling is afoot; and will the WSOP cancel its series this summer because of the coronavirus? We also complete an O'Mally's Move and Jonovan has our Hand of the Week.

Jen Tilly and bad beats

FEB. 28 POKERCAST RECAP: Jen Tilly suffers a brutal bad beat at the Wynn and Scott manages second place in his hometown home-game tourney. We also have a new O'Mally's Move and JR sends us a 7-7 Hand of the Week.

Online bracelets, Bloch house and Survivor

FEB. 21 POKERCAST RECAP: The World Series of Poker says it will have a ton more online events this year, including eight in eight days, Andy Bloch is putting his house up for sale and poker has made another appearance on the TV show Survivor.

Restock hits a half-million fed

FEB. 14 POKERCAST RECAP: Our annual Restock the Shelves food-bank initiative provided more than 112K meals in January to local food banks around the country, thanks to players and poker venues nationwide. In six years, Restock has fed more than 530K people! We also have a new O'Mally's Move and Vic G. returns with a Hand of the Week.

Coronavirus affecting poker world

FEB. 7 POKERCAST RECAP: Much of the poker world is reacting to the Coronavirus and we have a Mike Postle update. Also, Malcolm O'Mally plays a key role on the show, providing a complete O'Mally's Move and the Hand of the Week.

GPI Awards, WSOP schedule and PokerStars

JAN. 31 POKERCAST RECAP: We have more details on the GPI Awards and WSOP schedule, plus there's news regarding PokerStars and Black Friday. A new O'Mally's Move has landed and Mark Kelly has 8-9s in the big blind for our Hand of the Week.

Pa. online poker thrives, others trying to join

JAN. 24 POKERCAST RECAP: Online poker in Pennsylvania is doing well and we have some legislation making its way through in New York, Nebraska and Kentucky. Plus, we chat about sidebets online, low-limit Vegas and we complete an O'Mally's Move. Mike has the Hand of the Week with KQ in a home game.

World Series of Poker news and GPI update

JAN. 17 POKERCAST RECAP: We have World Series schedule news and an update to the Global Poker Index Award selection process. Plus, we chat about how to get players to a poker room at specific hours, Restock the Shelves, the upcoming AUPT at Vee Quiva, our poker cruise schedule and a new O'Mally's Move. Matt Easterbrook's second Hand of the Week sees him with a suited Q-10 in the big blind.

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Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton, And Mike Postle Also Forgive Those Who Questioned Their Integrity
Taking a cue from a recent Dan "Jungleman" Cates statement, Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton and Mike Postle have also decided to accept your apology. — read more »
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