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83. Poker Therapy Sneak Preview - Survival Misfires

Pete quotes and explains a section of his new book, Poker Therapy, which deals with survival instincts hampering poker decision making.

82. Semi-Professional Poker FT. Jules

Pete interviews semi-professional tournament player Jules about topics such as mental game struggles, staking deals, and how to balance poker with another profession.

81. Solving Soaking Medium Flops

Pete resumes his exploration into the game theory of button vs big blind with a look at a very wet flop.

80. Amateur Player Writes Poker Book FT. Mike

Pete interviews poker author Michael Matteo about his book, which is aimed at brand new online poker players. The discussion is very much about the struggles of writing about poker and how to go about teaching newer players.

79. Where are all the Girls? FT. Alexandra

Pete invites new player and streamer Alexandra onto the show to get the perspective of a beginner female player in a male dominated game.

78. Welcome Poker Tool Creator Adam

Pete interviews Adam - a keen poker player and poker software developer - about his new training software and his outlook on the game.

77. Solving Dry King-High Boards

In this purely strategic segment, Pete breaks down a dry king-high flop in a Button vs. Big Blind situation using a poker solver and takes you through each player's strategy step by step.

76. Blockers to your Own Thought Process

In this strategy episode, Pete discusses the most common ways that students abuse the notion of blockers and clarifies when and how they should be used to improve your game.

74. The Alien World Problem

Pete explains the main idea behind his new Mental Game book, which he expects to release in a few months' time and gives out some advice for understanding why we struggle to adapt to the realm of poker.

73. Poker's Harder than Law - Feat. Hunter

Pete interviews one of his students, who is a successful lawyer, about how his competitve spirit and determination to win actually hurt his chances in poker and what mental game coaching has been needed to make progress.

72. Modern 3-Bet Ranges

Pete introduces his new free miniature course on 3-Betting while explaining what constitutes a sucessful approach to 3-Betting in the modern day.

71. Smooth Sailing FT. Nick

Pete interviews one of his more successful students from the last few months of coaching. The discussion features what has gone right to make Nick's poker journey so seemingly painless. Learn how Nick transformed his game through coaching and what lessons he learned along the way.

70. Variety in Poker

Pete talks at length about the various ways in which you can have too little or too much variety and how important a concept variety is for the aspiring poker player.

69. Poker Friends Reunited Feat. Dan

Pete catches up with Dan, one of his first online poker buddies from 2009 and reminisces about the good old days before taking eight questions sent in by Dan's poker study group.

68. PIO vs. Population

Pete delivers a crash course on how to avoid common mistakes when using a poker solver, while explaining the ideas behind his new exciting GTO solver based poker EMagazine PIO vs. Population.

67. Student Interview: Professional Poker, Variance, and Perspective with Ed.

Pete interveiws his Student Ed, a recent engineering graduate and young professional poker player about his turbulent early career, reasons for his early success, and how variance affects our long-term prospects and attitudes towards the game.

66. Student Interview with Niall – Magic The Gathering Player Turned Poker Player.

Pete and his student Niall have a deep conversation about the correlations between poker and the geek gaming scene, covering topics from mistakes to the dangers of rule following.

65. Student Interview. Backgammon Pro Turns Poker Player (With Tuvya)

Pete interviews his student Tuvya about his transition from backgammon player to poker player.

64. Student Interview: The Life of a 2/5 Live Pro with Mike.

Pete interveiws his student and professional poker player Mike about the struggles and rewards of where dreams meet reality.

63. Student Interview: High Stakes Player Comes out of Hibernation

Peter brings his student Chris on to the show, a high stakes pro from pre Black Friday who is now reemerging and jumping back into the games. The discussion follows Chris's quest to adapt to the modern games and apply his old skills in the new world of GTO planning.