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#87: Phil Galfond: Nosebleed Cash Legend, Run It Once Poker Founder, & All-Time Great

Today’s guest quite frankly needs no elaborate introduction to get you excited about hearing from him but I’m going to give you one anyway.Phil Galfond is a living legend in the world of poker at the ripe old age of 35. What would be the career-defining highlight of pretty much anyone else’s poker career, having won 3 WSOP gold bracelets, is merely a footnote in Galfond’s journey through cards.He’s the founder of one of the most prestigious training platforms in ...

#86 Sarah Herring: Surviving COVID, a Shattered Leg, & No Live Poker

Today’s guest on the show is the always hilarious and endearing Sarah Herring.This is a Round 2 with Sarah so if you missed Round 1 I would highly recommend you go back and check that conversation out. And because so much has happened since last December and neither her nor I can contain our rabid curiosity, this is a very wide-ranging conversation.As a matter of fact, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing as I was listening back to this episode ...

#85 Merv Harvey: How an Amateur Began Interviewing the Biggest Names in Poker

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is one half of the Postflop Poker podcast hosting duo Merv Harvey.Merv's an amateur poker player who has now interviewed a who's who of poker players & personalities, including: Tommy Angelo, Alec Torelli, Dara O' Kearney, Sarah Herring, and many more.I'll leave it for you to learn in the following episode just how Merv got his gig but it's an extremely powerful lesson about taking your shot. Merv's just a genuinely great ...

Detox Files 8: Are You Maximizing Your Resources?

One of Nick's on-contract coaching for profits players has a major problem: He feels like he has no choice but to move back into his unsupportive parent's home where his mental state and online poker results historically suffer.Listen today as Nick helps his player navigate a particularly dicey and emotionally charged situation by letting him know he isn't making full use of the resources at his disposal.If you wanna learn more about Poker Detox visit: https://pokerdetox.com

Detox Files #7: How Do You Live the "Poker Vampire" Lifestyle & Maintain Healthy Relationships with Your Loved Ones?

In this episode of the Detox Files Nick Howard (Founder of Poker Detox Staking Group) has an optimization session with one of his contracted players who has a big problem:He's been trained his entire poker career to practice good game selection (The after-hours poker vampire lifestyle) but knows the times he plays poker have a major affect on his relationship with his wife and family.Listen in and follow along as Nick helps his player navigate what is most certainly a ...

Detox Files #6: How-To Use Compassion Instead of Stress to Skyrocket Your Output

This Detox Files episodes features a one hour "optimization consult" with one of Poker Detox's contracted players. These are guys Nick and his team invest tons of resources into so it's going to be a bit more advanced than the previous Detox Files you all know and love.To listen to all the Detox Files, visit: https://chasingpokergreatness.com/detox-files

#84 Jonathan Little Round 2: ACR Ban, #PokerGOAT, & Excelling at Tough NLHE Games

Today my guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast coming back for an overdue Round 2 conversation is the founder of PokerCoaching.com Jonathan Little.I don’t know if you’ve heard but Mr. Little has been featured fairly prominently in a couple of controversies over the past week that of course we’re about to dive into. The first is Phil Nagy smashing him with the ban hammer at ACR and the 2nd stemmed from accusations of rigging Twitter polls in my recent ...

#83 Matt Affleck: Sustained Poker Passion For Over a Decade

Today’s guest on the podcast is MTT wizard and PokerCoaching.com coach Matt Affleck.Matt has over $4 million in live and online tournament cashes in his career with no plans on slowing down anytime soon.Just a few of his career highlights include:- A gold medal victory in a $3,150 SCOOP even for $550k.- A $264k victory in the $2,500 main event at the Coco Poker Open.- And a $139k victory in a $1,500 event at the Wynn Fall Classic.Matt was very ...

#82 Matt Savage: Mike Sexton, Ethan May, & Live Poker in the Time of Covid

Today my guest on the podcast coming back for a very special Round 2 is my favorite tournament director of all-time Matt Savage.If you’ve forgotten, Matt’s the executive tour director of the WPT and has seen just about all there is to see at live poker tournaments.While recorded only a few weeks ago this conversation took place before the passing of longtime voice of the WPT and great personal friend of Matt’s, Mike Sexton. Expect to hear some tales of ...

#81 Dara O' Kearney & Barry Carter: Knock-Out Artists

Today’s guests on the podcast are dynamic poker-book writing duo Dara ‘O Kearney and Barry Carter.Their latest book, PKO Poker Strategy, has been a massive hit straight out of the gate. If you’re not familiar with PKO style tournaments or where they came from, don’t worry because Dara and Barry are going to explain it to you in-depth in our conversation.Since both of these men are veterans of the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast we had a few talking points and ...

#80 Carlos Welch: The Best Mediocre Poker Coach On the Planet

Today’s guest is mediocre poker coach Carlos Welch who is back for a Round 2.Carlos and I’s first conversation was recorded right before the pandemic went nuclear and I had been wondering to myself how a man who lives out of his car would fare in these strange times. I mean, I can’t even drive my kids one hour away without catastrophe striking: One of them has to go to the bathroom.So how do you find a place that will ...

#79 Melissa Burr: High Stakes Mixed Game Superstar

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is high stakes mixed-game pro Melissa Burr.She’s battled in stakes up to $2,000/$4,000 Super Stud and has developed the poker superpower to feel confident playing in whatever game she deems the best in any poker room she walks into.It’s a superpower that very few folks in the poker world have, including your favorite podcast host, and is 100% the best way to be prepared for any catastrophic event that changes poker as ...

#78 Marle Cordeiro: High Stakes Cash Game Crusher, Co-Host of "The Rake", & YouTube Vlogger

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is high stakes cash game crusher, YouTube Vlogger, and fellow poker podcaster Marle Cordeiro.It’s always refreshing when I’m reminded of some undeniable truths that exist in the world.One of those is that you simply cannot be courageous without being afraid. And I guarantee that anyone who has put themselves out there in a vulnerable and significant way has felt a massive amount of fear.But the ones who emerge from the other side ...

#77 Chase Bianchi: Live High Stakes Crusher with a Heart of Gold

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is WSOP bracelet winner and high stakes cash pro Chase Bianchi.Despite focusing mainly on cash games Chase has racked up an impressive $870k in MTT cashes, including his crown jewel a gold medal finish in a $1k NLHE tourney at the 2016 WSOP.Chase and I’s conversation chronicles his journey from being a poker dealer and going broke time and time again early on his career to finding his footing and regularly battling ...

#76 Matt Matros: Author, 3 WSOP Bracelets, & $2.5 Mill+ in Tourney Winnings

Today my guest is 3-time WSOP bracelet winner, poker coach, and author of “The Game Plan” Matt Matros.Matt has racked up over $2.5 million in live tournament cashes over his almost 2 decade long career.Some highlights include:- The aforementioned triple WSOP bracelets in $1,500 6-max event, limit hold em, and mixed hold ‘em tourneys.- Finishing third at the WPT Championship for over $700k- And three more WSOP final tables.This conversation was a real joy for me. It brought back many ...

#75 Tadas Peckaitis: Why Would Anyone Ever Start a Poker Training Platform?

Today my guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is cash game crusher and the founder of MyPokerCoaching.com Tadas Peckaitis.Tadas is a man after my own heart. He started creating regular content for MyPokerCoaching simply because it was a thing he genuinely enjoyed doing.As we joke about in our conversation the act of creating great poker content is not easily deterred or for the faint of heart ... it’s a true labor of love.And there are very few people who ...

#74 Kevin Rabichow: The Bobby Flay'er of High Stakes HU

Today’s guest on Chasing Poker Greatness is Run It Once Elite coach and high stakes HU crusher Kevin Rabichow.I very much see a lot of my own spirit in Kevin. He thinks deeply about poker’s myriad of complicated issues, he genuinely loves when his students find success, and he wants to leave the world of poker as a better place than where he found it.It’s going to be pretty tough for you to not enjoy my conversation with Kevin.We nerd ...

Detox Files 5: The Next Level of Performance Enhancement

Nick Howard returns with Detox Files #5.If you've ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of high ambition that quickly leads to emotional distress, this is an episode you do not want to miss.For more Detox Files visit https://chasingpokergreatness.com/detox-files

#73 Drew Gonzalez: Professional Poker Player, Thirst Lounge Host, Twitch Partner

My guest today on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is former Thirst Lounge Host, Twitch Partner, and professional poker player @BetOnDrew Drew Gonzalez.I think you’re really going to love how open and self-reflective Drew is about his more than decade long poker journey.. He had absolutely no problem opening up about struggles that many of us in the poker world have probably faced at some point or another from relationship issues to unhealthy lifestyle choices and the extremely common curse ...

#72 Brad Wilson: Jennifer Shahade Turns the Tables

Jennifer Shahade takes the reins and turns the tables on Coach Brad.Enjoy.

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Doug Polk Requesting Daniel Negreanu Wear Blindfold, Earplugs For Upcoming Heads Up Match
Days after requesting prefop hand charts for his heads-up match with Daniel Negreanu, Polk makes an unusual request - blindfolds and ear plugs for Negreanu. — read more »
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