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#36 The Poker Guys: Professional Poker Players, Authors, And Prolific Creators

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Six years ago professional poker players Grant Denison and Jonathan Levy uploaded their first videos onto YouTube as the “Hand of the Week” guys.Little did they know “Hand of the Week” had been trademarked by a former “Chasing Poker Greatness” legend of poker who wasn’t exactly a big fan of their brutally honest, pull-no-punches analysis. They quickly decided to change the name of their show and “The Poker Guys” was born shortly thereafter.In the following conversation we’re going to go through their journey from professional poker players to prolific content creators who have amassed almost 30k YouTube subscribers as well as a consistently top ranked poker podcast.You’re going to learn:- Why verbal and physical tells are EXTREMELY difficult for amateur poker players to fake.- Why “The Poker Guys” initially heeded the siren song to transition from players to teachers.- Their process for content creation (Which I am very envious of). - And MUCH MORE!So if you love laughing like maniacs and hearing amazing behind-the-scenes stories from a couple of poker’s best storytellers strap in and get ready to enjoy my conversation with Grant Denison and Jonathan Levy.
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Air Date (3 years, 7 months ago)