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#65 Brian "The Golden Blazer" Frenzel: Rolling Up His Stake and Moving to Vegas

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In today’s episode we have up-and-coming poker star, Twitch streamer, and MTT pro Brian “The Golden Blazer” Frenzel.Brian’s going to tell his story step-by-step from mascotting in college (true story), to becoming an educator, to discovering the game of poker and heartbreak, and finally putting all of his earthly possessions into his car, moving to vegas, and taking his shot.In today’s episode you’ll learn:- How Brian’s Twitch community helped him overcome a brutal personal struggle.- Why full poker immersion helps expedite the growth process.- How other people’s energy levels can give you an extra boost in the back stretch of your poker sessions.And much, much more!So, without any further ado, I bring to you Brian “The Golden Blazer” Frenzel on Chasing Poker Greatness.
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Air Date (1 year, 11 months ago)