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#99 Trevor Savage Part 2: Improve Efficiently, Poker Surprises and Balancing Family & Poker

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In today’s episode of the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast I am once again joined by cash game crusher, Youtuber, and podcaster Trevor Savage.I got so consumed by Trevor’s story in our first conversation that I forgot to ask him any questions other than “Tell me about your poker journey”.Today, we more than make up for that and then some as he’s about to throw down Greatness Bomb after Greatness Bomb.As a short aside, I’m a little worried about the continuity of this episode because right in the middle of recording I had a gremlin in my internet connection and it just kept dropping over and over and over again.For a little mental imagery, it got so bad I actually left my house so that I could run around my neighborhood and find the Comcast guy who was making our lives miserable. I did find him and, shockingly, he pressed a button and my internet came back like it was no big deal.I highly doubt you’re ever going to hear a Comcast ad on this podcast because they make ACR look like customer service gods.In today’s episode, you’re going to learn:The most unexpected thing to come from Trevor’s journey through poker.What Trevor believes is the most high impact thing you can do to improve your poker game.How Trevor maintains balance as a father and poker professional.And much, MUCH more!This interview is brought to you by Poker w Presence if you wanna get inthe zone and play your best when you need it most visit pokerwithpresence.comSo without any further ado I bring to you an amazing man, top-shelf cardplayer, and unbelievably patient spirit Trevor Savage.
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Air Date (2 years, 6 months ago)