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Tactical Tuesday #7: Finding Unnatural Bluffing Opportunities at Online $1K No Limit

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On today’s show, Coach Brad and his student Jon will take a look at two hands that Jon recently played at $5/$10 6-max cash on Ignition. Jon tries to take advantage of a pair of spots on the turn that he believes are underbluffed by his player pool and more importantly are spots Jon believes his player pool perceives as underbluffed. Identifying and exploiting spots that the population you play against perceive as being underbluffed is one quick way you can work more bluffs into your game and boost your winrate.To join the CPG VIP Newsletter: https://chasingpokergreatness.com/VIPTo hop into next round of Preflop Bootcamp: https://chasingpokergreatness.com/bootcamp
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Air Date (2 years, 8 months ago)