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#120 Matt Waxman Rnd 2: Living the Poker Dream While Pitching Cards at Bananas

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Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is Matt Waxman who’s back for a very special Round 2.He’s a WSOP bracelet winner, WPT Champ, and founder of the insanely addictive and innovative video-game like poker format PokeRithm.If you’re one of the sad souls who missed Matt and I’s Round 1 conversation, I’d highly suggest you go back and listen to it because it was an all-time classic…I daresay our Round 2 lives up and perhaps even exceeds the original.In today’s show you’re going to learn:About the hilarious time Matt, Jason Mercier (One of the great poker players to ever live), Chris Ferguson, and a bunch of other high level pros spent their evening throwing hundreds of playing cards at a banana.Stories about the late, great WSOP bracelet winner and WPT champion Gavin Smith.The one thing Matt wishes he would have never done a single in his poker career.And much, MUCH more!So without any further ado once again I bring to you world class storyteller, legendary poker pro, and founder of Matt Waxman.
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Air Date (1 year, 11 months ago)