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#121 Luciana Manolea: Former MTT Pro and Current Crypto Aficionado

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Today’s guest on the Chasingh Poker Greatness podcast is former online MTT poker professional Luciana Manolea.Luciana’s poker journey spans over 10 years where she’s cashed for over $4.5 million dollars in her combined live and online poker career.Luci considers her poker origin story a “fortunate accident” while she was in college studying computer science. It was there that she realized the heart pumping thrill of competition was in her blood not 1’s and 0’s, and she made the life altering decision after getting her degree to go pro instead of sitting in a chair pumping out computer code all day.Even though her parent’s weren’t initially thrilled about it, from there she was off to the races where she carved out an extremely successful poker career.In today’s episode you’re going to learn:How insane multi-table poker tournament variance can really be in a story that makes this poker podcast host’s blood run cold.Luci’s new metaphorical mountain she’s gearing up to climb (HINT: It involves the world of cryptocurrency).How she systematically goes about trying to overcome her cognitive biases so that she can be the best version of herself.And much, MUCH more!So without any further ado, I bring to you fearsome Romanian crusher of souls Luciana Manolea.
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Air Date (2 years, 6 months ago)