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TT #16: Was the Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk High Stakes Poker Challenge Good For the Game?

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In today's first segment Coach Brad and his student Jon share their opinions on whether or not they think the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu high stakes heads-up challenge was ultimately good for the game of poker.After the jump they give their opinions on ways they think these challenges could be improved upon moving forward into the future.Pros and Cons- Grudge Matches are always fun.- More streamed high stakes poker of any kind.- Lots of hype for poker.Negatives:- Hole cards down sucks as a viewer.- It wasn’t based on skill or finding out who’s better. How-to Make These Challenges Better Moving Forward:- More incentive for strategic transparency by sponsors or outside sources.- Hole cards up is absolutely necessary.- Formal press conferences after each session.Enjoy the show!
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Air Date (2 years, 2 months ago)