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pokerfuse online poker news
Episode Title

Tactical Tuesday #20: Ace Queen Offsuit Battles at $5-$10 Online

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Air Date (2 weeks, 3 days ago)
Full Episode Description
Tactical Tuesday returns this week with a breakdown of two AQ hands that Coach Brad played recently at 5/10NL on Ignition. Coach Brad gets to the river in both hands, yet finds himself with two very different decisions. Should he fire a bluff on the river in a 4bet pot with nothing but AQ high? Should he raise a river bet for value with top pair-top kicker? Find out on today's episode!Hand 1Hero Hand: AhQdHero Position:UTGEffective Stack:133 BBAction:PREFLOP: Hero raises to 2.5 BB, BTN raises 8.5 BB, Hero raises to 22 BB, BTN Calls.FLOP (45.5 BB): Jc 4c 2cHero checks, BTN ChecksTURN (45.5 BB): Jc 4c 2c KdHero checks, BTN ChecksRIVER (45.5 BB): Jc 4c 2c Kd 4sHero bets 22.5 BB, Villain calls 22.5 BB with KsQs--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hand 2Hero Hand: AcQdHero Position:BTNEffective Stack:100 BBAction:PREFLOP: Hero raises 2.5 BB from BTN, the BB 3b to 11 BB, Hero calls.FLOP (22.5 BB): Qh 9c 8hBB bets 7 BB, Hero calls.TURN (36.6 BB): Qh 9c 8h 3sBB checks, Hero checks.RIVER (36.6 BB): Qh 9c 8h 3s 3DBB bets 12.1 BB, Hero goes all-in for 81 BB, BB calls with TT.

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