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#173 Santiago "PokerLogia" Mansilla: Author & Keeper of Poker Lore

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Today’s guest on the podcast is Santiago Garcia Mansilla who’s a poker author, lover of the game, and longtime media member.If you’ve been listening to CPG for the past year you may recall a Twitter tournament I ran called #PokerGOAT that went a little sideways heading to the finish line.I woke up one beautiful morning with DMs from Erik Seidel (Which under almost any other circumstances would have been a great way to wake up) accusing Jonathan Little of buying Twitter votes so that his book could win more matches, there were all kinds of ugly public accusations from influential members of the poker community, and I ended up posting a public message and having JL on the pod to address all the silliness.The reason I bring this up is because Santiago was the human who initially pitched me the idea coming off the success of the original #PokerGOAT tournament and if the goal was to help sell books and shine a spotlight on some amazing poker books that slipped through the cracks then mission accomplished. If the goal was to get Erik Seidel to come onto the podcast then, well, that one feels like mission impossible at the moment.But the reason the idea seemed so obvious to Santiago is because of his immense love for the poker storytellers of the world. He’s a living keeper of the best poker tales ever told and the entire poker world ought to be thankful to have someone as passionate about preserving poker’s culture and history as Santiago. In today’s episode you’re going to learn:How a single poker tournament changed Santiago’s life forever.Amazing suggestions for poker books to read, many of which you probably haven’t ever heard of.The story and inspiration behind Santiago’s book “Cuentos y Relatos de Poker” which, appropriately enough, translates to “Stories and Tales of Poker.And much, MUCH more!And now, without any further ado, I bring to you an author, storyteller, and keeper of poker lore… Santiago Garcia Mansilla.To learn more about the Free Nuffle promotion, visit: CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: in a Barrel: Flop Leads:
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Air Date (11 months, 2 weeks ago)