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#5 CPG Villagers: Business Building & Outlaw Biker Gangs

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Have you ever wondered how you would live your life if you were certain your time was quickly running out? That's the paradigm in which Ian Armijo has lived his entire life.When he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a kid, his life expectancy was 14 years old.Instead of shying back, Armijo met his genetic challenge head on and did everything in his power to live a full life that's true to himself.Today, Armijo is 40-years-old, has bought and sold many successful businesses, is a member of an outlaw biker gang, and is pursuing poker with everything in his soul.Listen to his story today on Chasing Poker Greatness.To learn more about the Free Nuffle promotion, visit: CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: in a Barrel: Flop Leads:
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Air Date (1 year, 3 months ago)