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#199 Eric Danis: President of The Hendon Mob & Global Poker Index

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Today’s guest on CPG is the president of The Hendon Mob & Global Poker Index, the one and only Eric Danis.Throughout his life Eric has loved all things sports and all things statistics… which makes for a pretty seamless transition into the world of poker.After first hopping into the poker space about a decade ago, through hard work and determination, he’s risen up the ranks from basically being an unpaid intern to running two of the most trusted & well-respected poker websites in the world.In today’s episode with Eric Danis you’re going to hear all about his poker origin story, his passion for solving big, complex problems, and what his vision is for the future of The Hendon Mob.Now, without any further ado, I bring to you the man who spends his life spotlighting amazing poker players around the world…. A man the entire poker world should be eternally thankful and grateful for… Eric Danis.
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Air Date (3 months, 3 weeks ago)