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#219 Fergal Nealon: Poker Pro Hand Delivering Supplies to Ukraine

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Today’s guest on CPG is a former professional poker player who’s the founder of StoryTracks (A dynamic storytelling platform that showcases authentic & real experiences) as well as Rapid Response Ukraine, a humanitarian organization that delivers urgent medical supplies directly to the health department in Kharkiv, Ukraine.Some folks talk about action, other folks act. Fergal Nealon acts. In the wake of the devastating war in Ukraine, Fergal created Rapid Response Ukraine has thus far raised over $120k (With the poker world contributing a healthy percentage of that total). You’re gonna learn all about what RRU is doing & where those funds are invested as well as hear an insane story about hand-delivering said medical supplies at the Ukrainian border.Before we dive deeply into Rapid Response Ukraine, however, you’re also going to learn about how Fergal fell into the world of poker, why he moved on to running StoryTracks, and a genuinely heartbreaking story about his most painful poker session of all time.If you’d like to donate to Rapid Response Ukraine, there will be a link you can click through in this episode’s description (Here is that link:, as well as the showpage on now, without any further ado, I bring to you former poker professional & natural born storyteller Fergal Nealon.
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Air Date (7 months, 4 weeks ago)