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#110 Tactical Tuesday: Playing Suited Connectors in 3-Bet & 4-Bet Pots (Cash Game Online Poker)

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Find out how to get a free poker course below! This week's journey into the realm of Tactical Tuesday poker training series sees CPG's Coach Brad Wilson and co-host Jon Chai critique two cash game poker hands played by Jon, this time playing suited connectors in 3-Bet and 4-Bet pots. It wouldn't be an episode of TT without jams on both hands, and sure enough we're faced with exactly those decisions for the entirety of the chips. Coach Brad enhances his powers with the magic of edibles to *checks notes*... agree with Jon? What's in those things? ***FREE POKER COURSE*** Click here to get the NURRLE poker course completely for free: first online poker hand up for scrutiny is from 1000NL in which Jon finds himself opening with 78 suited in the cutoff and gets hit with the immediate 3-Bet from the button. 78 suited is such a pretty hand, but should we be playing for stacks out of position with 8 high? Let's F around and find out.The second hand up for high level poker strategy discussion is 45 suited in the big blind. An optimistic 3-Bet by our hero against the opening villain on the button gets punished by a 4-Bet and suddenly it's a race to the bottom of Jon's 4-Bet calling range (does he have one, actually?) as we go to a flop with 5 high. Equities are shifted on a favorable flop... but is it enough to book a W?These hands and a sick hype voiceover for the CPG Wolves can be found on today's episode of Tactical Tuesday! For more free poker training videos, visit our archive of now over 100 Tactical Tuesday videos on our website at the most groundbreaking, solutions-based poker courses you will ever find, you need to get yourself to the Chasing Poker Greatness website and start clicking around: Bootcamp: In A Barrel: (Neutralizing Flop Leads): Want NUFFLE for free? Click here: (Neutralizing Turn Leads): (Neutralizing River Leads): -- ***FREE POKER COURSE*** Click here to get the NURRLE poker course completely for free: the CPG Wolves! The CPG Wolf Program is a close-knit brotherhood, hell bent on one thing only: Chasing Poker Greatness. Powered by bleeding edge Wolf strats and led by Coach Brad and his lieutenants, CPG Wolves are systematically prepared for almost any spot they’ll encounter on the green felt. If you want to plug into an elite team and have a step-by-step game plan to help you realize your full poker potential, you can apply now. Space is limited and the pack is only as strong as its weakest member. So only the hungriest, grittiest, and most driven will be accepted into the program. Applications are open at!Follow Chasing Poker Greatness on social media! Chasing Poker Greatness on Twitter: Chasing Poker Greatness on Instagram: Chasing Poker Greatness on YouTube: Chasing Poker Greatness on Facebook:
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Air Date (1 week, 4 days ago)

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