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Episode 153 of the CPL Poker Podcast

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Air Date (5 years, 3 months ago)
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Episode 153 Released 9-14-13 (1:03:51) Episode 153 has the following segments:--CPL Intro--Listener Feedback--MN Music Segment featuring “Party Started” by Cato --On The Clock--Roundtable Discussion--Poker Varieties Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes! Bumper music by Stew, IKKI, Dr. Flya, and America
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End The Weekend In Championship Mode
You’ll find $35,000 in guaranteed prize money on the table this Sunday. And with a 75,000 starting stack, nothing beats it. — read more »
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Several Bots Accuse Real Humans Of Playing At Americas CardRoom
Are there human beings playing on ACR? That's what many top poker bots are alleging with many concerned ACR is not taking the issue seriously. — read more »
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