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Ep 49 - 10 Interviews in 50 Minutes!

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The Cracking Aces Podcast is now nearly 1 years old! We cannot thank everyone enough for the support you've given us. And we also cannot thank our guests enough for taking time to come on the show. So on today's show, we highlight 10 of the best guests from the early days of the show. Little clips from each interview so if you dig the convo, you can go back and listen to the full thing. We highlight: Ryan Riess (Ep 3), Scott Blumstein (4), Greg Merson (5), Maria Ho (8), Galen Hall (13), Jessica Dawley (15), Jaime Staples (18), Alex Rocha (20), Jeff Platt (23), and Daniel Negreanu (27). 10 interviews in 50 minutes, boom. Thanks to all our guests and to you for listening. Enjoy!
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Air Date (2 years, 5 months ago)