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Jaman Burton on loyalty, being immune to embarrassment & how quitting a race shaped his life | Ep: 37

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If you follow poker vlogs, then you have no doubt come across The Drawing Dead vlog by Jaman Burton.  Burton, who is one the most influential poker vloggers in the space, brings something completely unique to the table in the form of a poker vlog with graphic novel style illustrations woven in.  And while it may be nice to gain some recognition within the poker community, Burton shares with Kara that it’s not all roses. Between the pressures of being an “influencer”, having opponents who may know far more about your game than you’d like or the pressure to always be “on”, it can be a lot to deal with. Still, he recognizes that these are small problems to have in the big picture.   Kara and Jaman go on to discuss the importance family has played in his life. From the gratitude he has for an incredible upbringing to the pride and sense of accomplishment he gets from raising his daughter, family has always been a key component of his life.  Other topics Kara and Jaman cover include quitting smoking, the possibility that we’re living in a simulation and how he used to use his charm and persuasiveness for evil as a young man.  Don’t forget to check out previous episodes with Greg Merson, Tiffany Michelle, Lon McEachern, Nadya Magnus, Phil Galfond, Jason Koon, Katie Lindsay, Benny Glaser, Maria Ho, Fedor Holz and many more of poker’s most fascinating personalities. 
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