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Crying Call Against a Near-Complete Lunatic w/ Michael Sneideman - Episode 71a

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More Great Poker Content! Information About Live Leakfinders Heads Up Poker Oceans 11 Casino 5-5 deepstack game with a straddle to 10 Preflop BTN (covers) raises to 50, Hero calls in the Straddle with 77 (2000) Flop (110) T82cc Hero checks, Villain bets 80, Hero calls Turn (270) 5h Hero checks, Villain bets 125, Hero calls River (520) 9c Hero checks, Villain bets 335, Hero calls Preflop UTG raises to 35, Hero calls with AA UTG+1, BTN calls, Villain 3bets to 200 in the SB, UTG calls, Hero 4bets to 500, BTN folds, SB calls, UTG folds Flop (1250) K93r Villain checks, Hero bets 400, Villain calls Turn (2050) T Villain shoves, Hero?
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