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Exploiting the Charitable - Episode 104

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More Great Poker Content!For more information about our NYC event!For more information about or event with Live at the Bike!Charity Room in Michigan$1/210-handed, UTG limps, UTG+1 ($1000) limps, UTG+3 ($330) limps, hero ($300) raises to 20 holding KdJd. Everyone folds except UTG+1 and UTG+3, who both call.Flop ($65) Js3s2cChecks to hero who bets $40. UTG+1 calls. UTG+3 folds.Turn ($145) QsChecks Through River ($145) QcCheck, Hero bets $30, Villain raises to $95, Hero?
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Huck Seed Looking To Book Action On Climb Inspired By “Free Solo”
Inspired after watching Academy-Award winning "Free Solo," Huck Seed has decided to scale Yosemite’s El Capitan with nothing but a steely determination that comes from having absolutely nothing to live for. — read more »
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