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Heads Up a Mile High - Episode 113

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Air Date (1 year, 7 months ago)
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More Great Poker Content!Check out the last Solve For Why Vlog featuring Jack and Zach!Learn about our new partners, Solve For Why!Home Game in Denver$1/$3Heads up. Hero ($600 effective) opens to $9, Villain 3-bets to $30, Hero calls. Flop ($55 after rake) 7h9dTsVillain checks, Hero bets $40, Villain calls.Turn ($135) TdChecks through.River ($135) AdVillain bets $80, Hero raises to $210, Villain jams, Hero?
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Poker Players Go To Extreme Lengths To Sabotage Venetian $150K
In the wake of controversy over the Venetian's $150k "Total Prize Pool," poker players are banding together to keep participation in the event to a minimum. — read more »
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