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Berkey After Dark - Episode 125

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More Great Poker Content!Sign up for Solve for Why TV and get 5% off anything in the store with coupon code Justhands2019!Learn about our new partners, Solve For Why!Poker After Dark: Dead Money Day 2 1:25$200/$400/$8007-handed. O’Neil (43k) opens KQo UTG. Choi (370k) calls Q4s in the SB. Matt (116k) calls A6cc in the BB. G-Man (340k) calls J7hh in the Straddle.Flop ($10.5k) 5h3c9cChecks through.Turn ($10.5k) 6hChoi leads 5.5k, Matt calls, G-man raises to 23k, folds to Matt who calls.River ($62k) 3hMatt checks, G-man bets 50k, Matt?
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Our Lord Jesus Christ Reminds Nick Marchington That He Would Also Like 10% Of His Winnings
Inspired by a recent WSOP staking dispute, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is also mulling a lawsuit that would demand Nick Marchington also pay Him the 10% He says he is owed. — read more »
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