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Draws and Vlogs w/ Special Guest Matt Vaughan - Episode 137

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More Great Poker Content!Want to come on the show? Email me a hand history at [email protected] about our partners, Solve For Why!Sign up for Solve for Why TV and get 5% off anything in the store with coupon code Justhands2019!Learn more about beyond tells!Check out our guest Matt Vaughan’s poker vlog!WSOP Main Event150/300 9-handedUTG and UTG1 limp. Matt (43k) limps T9dd from UTG2. SB calls and the BB checks.Flop (1500) AdQs6dChecks to UTG1 who bets 700. Matt calls. BB calls.Turn (3600) 8sChecks to Matt who checks back.River (3600) QhBB leads 3200. UTG1 folds. Hero?
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