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Battling LAGs during Late Reg w/ Special Guest Kristy Arnett Moreno - Episode 132

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Air Date (1 year, 2 months ago)
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More Great Poker Content!Want to come on the show? Email me a hand history at [email protected] about our partners, Solve For Why!Sign up for Solve for Why TV and get 5% off anything in the store with coupon code Justhands2019!Check out Kristy’s amazing WSOP vlog!Want to beta test the Solve For Why training site? Send an email to [email protected] with subject “Beta Test Training Site” to sign up.Venetian $1600300/600/100?MP opens to 1200, next to act calls. Folds to Kristy who calls in the BB with Q2dd. Effective stacks are 25k.Flop (~4500) JdTs3dMP bets 1500. Both players call.Turn (9000) TdMP bets 3k, MP1 folds, Kristy calls.River (15k) 4oKristy checks, villain shoves. Kristy?
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