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Showdown and Blockers vs a LAG w/ James Bilderbeck - Episode 142

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More Great Poker Content!Want to come on the show? Email me a hand history at [email protected] about our partners, Solve For Why!Sign up for Solve for Why TV and get 5% off anything in the store with coupon code Justhands2019!Washington State$3/$5 Full Ring $300 max bet.UTG2 limps. HJ opens to $20. CO calls. James ($500, is effective stack) calls with 8h8s in the SB. BB and limper call.Flop ($94) 9h5h2dChecks to HJ who bets $45. Hero calls. HU to turn.Turn ($184) 6dChecks throughRiver ($184) 2cJames checks, HJ bets $75, Hero?
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