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Floating on a Stream w/ Special Guest Bunnylad - Episode 149

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More Great Poker Content!Want to come on the show? Email me a hand history at [email protected] about our partners, Solve For Why and sign up for the March academies using coupon code Justhands2019!Sign up for Solve for Why TV and get 5% off anything in the store with coupon code Justhands2019!Tune into the stream every day at 8 PM EST!Hand 1 ReplayerGP .05/.1 5-handedFolds to hero (covers) in the CO who opens Q6cc to 30c. Both blinds call.Flop (.9) 9d4cJcSB (3.83 to start) bets 45c. Both players call.Turn (2.25) AdSB bets 1.12. Folds to hero who calls.River (4.48) QhSB shoves for 1.96. Hero?Hand 2 ReplayerGP .05/.13-handedHero opens OTB with 8c8h to .2 (7.83 eff). BB callsFlop (.45) 6h7sJcChecks through.Turn (.45) 3dBB bets .45. Hero callsRiver (1.35) 4sBB bets 1.35. Hero?
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