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Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Alisa Melekhina– LK013

In the first anniversary episode of Ladies Knight, Jen Shahade interviews the multi-talented FM, entrepreneur, gold medalist, author and lawyer Alisa Melekhina. Jennifer talks to Alisa live in Philadelphia, where both grew up, about a wide range of topics, from Alisa’s corporate chess league, to lessons behind her first book, “Reality Check: What the Ancient Gameof...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring WGM Sabina Foisor – LK012

WGM Sabina Foisor joins Jennifer Shahade on Ladies Knight to discuss her recent work coaching our youngest players in International competition, and how she balances kindness with her ferocious approach over the board. Sabina and Jennifer also relive Foisor’s emotional triumph at the 2017 US Women’s Championship, and how chess skills translate into life skills. Sabina...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Carla Heredia – LK011

The November episode of Ladies Knight features Carla Heredia Serrano, a Women’s Grandmaster from Ecuador, who now lives in California. A member of the Ecuadorian Olympic team, Carla recently graduated from Texas Tech with a Masters in Sports Management and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Now Carla works with the Berkeley Chess School on many projects including...

Ladies Knight Bonus Episode with Jen Shahade Featuring James Altucher – LK010.5

It’s Podcast Tuesday on Chess Life Online, and since this month we have five Tuesdays, we have a Ladies Knight bonus clip for you. Jennifer Shahade talks to podcast host, author of 20 books, investor and blogger James Altucher about something his followers may know a little less about: James is also a US Chess master. He explains to Jennifer his swan song in chess...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Dorsa Derakshani – LK010

In the October edition of Ladies Knight, Jennifer Shahade speaks to IM Dorsa Derakshani about her childhood in Iran, her TED talk and what surprised her most about living in the United States. Dorsa Derakshani is an International Master, Women Grandmaster, three time gold medalist at the Asian Youth Champs and a pre-med student at Saint Louis...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Daniel Rensch – LK009

The September episode of Ladies Knight features International Master and commentator Daniel Rensch, known to many as the Chief Chess Officer at chess.com. Danny, the first male guest on Ladies Knight emphasizes the importance of men speaking up and advocating for women in our culture and sport. Jennifer and Danny also talk about gender ratio statistics...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Maureen Grimaud – LK008

The August episode of Ladies Knight features Maureen Grimaud, chair of the US Chess Women’s committee. Maureen is a vocal proponent and supporter of bringing more women and girls into chess, from her work with the girls club’ rooms and Regional women’s events. In a Sports Illustrated article about women in chess, Maureen said, “It’s a numbers...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Charlotte Clymer – LK007

Writer, army veteran, influencer and US Chess member Charlotte Clymer joins Jennifer Shahade on Ladies Knight live from Las Vegas, where Charlotte participated in her first women’s event, the US Women’s Open. Charlotte and Jennifer talk about Charlotte’s experience in the Armed Forces Championships, how to make chess more inclusive and why every chess game...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Megan Lee – LK006

The newest episode of Ladies Knight features host Jennifer Shahade in conversation with our new U.S. Women’s Open Champion, Megan Lee. Jennifer interviews Megan live from the Las Vegas Chess Festival. Now based in Seattle, 22-year-old Lee is a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design. In her conversation with Jennifer, she explains why...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring WIM Carolina Blanco – LK005

WIM Dr. Carolina Blanco talks to Jennifer Shahade on Ladies Knight about her incredible work with the “Girls Club Room” at National Events, where girls socialize, learn from top players and participate in organized events. Right after the interview, Jen and Carolina gave a tandem chess simul at the Girls Club Room to 20 girls...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Jennifer Yu – LK004

Our new U.S. Women’s Chess Champion, 17-year-old Jennifer Yu appears on Ladies Knight to discuss her historic victory, where she scored 10/11 to become the first teenager since 2000 to capture the Women’s Championship title. Yu and Shahade discuss her favorite games, her study techniques as well as her hobbies, from magic to running. Jennifer...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Natasha Regan – LK003

Jennifer Shahade talks to Women’s International Master Natasha Regan, mathematician and co-author of Game Changer: AlphaZero’s Groundbreaking Chess Strategies and the Promise of AI. Natasha and Jen talk about how Alpha Zero’s new approach may make chess more popular, as well as intersections between gender and AI. They also discuss Natasha’s first book, Chess For...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Adia Onyango – LK002

In the second episode of Ladies Knight, Jennifer talks to Adia Onyango aka “chess traveler” about Adia’s favorite places to combine chess and travel, the importance of representation and chess, and their mutual fondness for this podcast’s name. Adia also talks about her plans to break the 2200 barrier.

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Alexandra Botez – LK001

Jennifer Shahade interviews popular streamer and five-time Canadian Girls Champion Alexandra Botez. Alexandra is also the CEO of Fame Game and a commentator for the PRO Chess League. Jen and Alexandra talk about bullet chess, building a successful twitch channel, and how to tackle trolls.

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