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053 Simon Jonas on Finding Passion in Poker

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In this week’s episode, Simon Jonas shares how being a poker pro has given him the freedom to travel the world and explore his passions. You'll hear how the praise he got from becoming a great player made him question if there was more to poker than just getting to the top, what he discovered after reading 120 books in 2 years, and the one thing he’s sure is more important than mastering math and theory if you want to be good at poker and actually enjoy playing. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve lost your passion for poker or that the game wasn’t as fun as when you first started, you’ll enjoy listening to Simon’s story. If you’d like to hear more stories and tips from Simon check out his PokerSprout Blog. In This Episode You’ll Learn: How to ignite the passion you once had for the game. Why you need to think twice before moving into a grind-house. Why you'll learn more watching a 10-minute poker video than a 90-minute one.  The reason why most player’s approach to study ends up in a dead-end. How to play outside your comfort zone without losing your shirt.  How getting praised as a great poker player made Simon feel less confident about his game. 
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