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059 Tommy Angelo on Playing Painless Poker

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In This Week’s Episode: In Tommy Angelo’s new book, Painless Poker, he approaches teaching the mental game from a new angle. The book focuses around 7 fictional poker players, all archetypical characters representing the pain we experience while playing, who are attending Tommy’s “Painless Poker Clinic.” Rather than teaching mindset with the typical textbook approach, you get to follow along with the story and see the changes the characters make in their own game. When you buy the print book directly from Tommy’s site, he’ll send you an autographed copy as well as a free digital download. In This Episode You’ll Learn: Links: Why Tommy decided to use a fictional story to teach mindset concepts. Why all poker players should start meditating today. The point in your poker career you should start working on your mental game, and why most players start way too late.
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