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082 Bertie Bayley on Chasing EV Over Glory

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Air Date (1 year, 5 months ago)
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After PokerStars removed SuperNova Elite, Bertie Bayley (who achieved SNE 3 times while being a pre-rakeback winner) took the “Renaissance Man” approach to poker by spreading out his play over many formats rather than specializing in just one. You can find Bertie online playing under the handle “bigstealer” where he bounces between Spin & Gos, cash games, and tournaments. Most recently Bertie chopped a $1k Party Poker Powerfest event for $80,000. In This Episode You'll Learn: [1:25] How the necessity of paying off high-interest rate student loans led Bertie to poker. [4:05] Why Bertie actually loves his life more since PokerStars removed SuperNova Elite. [4:45] How to balance the freedom poker allows and the work you must put in to stay ahead of the field. [7:30] Why it’s so important to make the distinction between game selection and “bum hunting.” [9:55] Whey Bertie chooses to chase EV over glory. [12:00] The physical and emotional toll that playing outside your bankroll can cause. [13:05] The difference between rational and irrational anxiety [15:30] The “Mindset Of Make-Up” and how to approach this delicate situation both as a player and a backer. [18:10] Why being curious instead of dismissive can be the difference between growing as a player and letting the game pass you by. [18:45] The danger of mocking players that you think are making poor plays. [20:45] The “MTT Raffle” mindset shift to help you deal with the variance of tournament poker. [26:40] Why you need to be careful of the free technical content you consume and why joining a good backing group is a great way to jump-start your game. [28:30] Clues that can help you decide if someone is a good poker coach or not. Resources: Bertie's Twitter Bertie's Instagram Keep Up With Elliot: Check Out Elliot's Other Podcast: The A-Game Advantage Elliot's Twitter Elliot's Instagram
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