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087 - Steffen Sontheimer - Life On The High-Roller Tour

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In this episode Steffan Sontheimer, aka Goose, talks about the life of a high-roller, the ups and downs of his career, and how he maintains a healthy mind and body. Over the course of his career, he’s seen how unchecked emotions can ruin plays and open the door for rookie mistakes. Elliot and Steffen discuss why taking a break from poker during a downswing is a good thing – and can be better than trying to play through it. Listen in to hear a Poker Master’s champion share why physical fitness is key to long-term success, and why he believes it necessary to enjoy other things besides poker.  Visit The Mindset Advantage Podcast or find us on iTunes to subscribe, visit previous episodes, and learn more about your host, Elliot Roe.  Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:50 – Introducing Steffen and his accomplishments 01:20 – Steffen’s view of the poker scene and how he feels about it 01:35 – 2017 was hot online and in-person, but 2018 has been the opposite 02:20 – How he keeps a good mindset during the ups and downs of his career 02:30 – All pros get emotional, but he tries to remain analytical so his game doesn’t change depending on how he feels 03:35 – The impact emotions make in the high-rollers scene 03:50 – It happens everywhere; as soon as emotions come into play, the wrong plays are made 04:30 – He knows what he needs to do in each hand, but emotions might cause him to play on the higher-variance side 05:30 – Steffen’s relationship with Phil Hellmuth 05:45 – He likes Phil and knows how to play him; Steffen had exploits ready before Phil even knew his name 07:00 – Phil plays the televised events, not the big high-roller events Steffen plays 07:50 – The mindset of world-travelling high-rolling players 08:00 – They give 100% to each game and seem like they’re born to do it 08:35 – It’s a great but draining and stressful lifestyle 08:50 – Steffen’s techniques to prevent stress and draining 09:00 – He takes breaks and spends time with non-poker friends to stay grounded 09:45 – After taking a break, he feels the thrill of playing again 10:00 – What it was like winning Poker Master’s last year 10:10 – It was seven-handed no-limit Hold ‘Em with the same opponents; he was used to the style of the game 11:00 – He was confident, played well, stayed analytical, and felt it was his time to win 12:45 – Online poker as a training tool for different types of tournaments 13:30 – He strengthens his weaknesses and maintains his strengths with online poker 14:00 – He doesn’t have a master plan or schedule; he likes to divide and conquer by splitting up his training into manageable parts 15:00 – Physical fitness and success 15:15 – Steffen believes physical fitness is key to long-term success because players should have other enjoyable activities in their life besides poker 15:30 – His worst played week was the week after his knee surgery when he couldn’t exercise 16:00 – A poker downswing isn’t enjoyable, so physical activity and/or sports gives the feeling of accomplishment and success during that time 17:00 – Advice for players experiencing a downswing 17:15 – He likes to whine and complain to let it out, and he thinks a break from poker during a downswing is a good thing 17:40 – Always play because you love the game and want to improve 17:50 – When he experienced a downswing, he went to a beach volleyball camp and took a break to forget poker for a while 18:45 – What’s to come for Steffen 19:00 – He doesn’t enjoy poker as much as he used to, and doesn’t want to travel as much, so he’d like to find something new that brings him as much joy as poker did 19:20 – Twitching is just part of the job for him 3 Key Points Remain analytical so your emotions don’t affect your game. Physical fitness is key to long-term success. Take a break to reset your mindset during a downswing.  Contact/Resources Steffen’s Instagram and Twitter No Limit Gaming Credits Podcast Production by Podcastily
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