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091 - Kevin Martin - Leveling Up Your Success

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In this episode, Kevin Martin, former Big Brother winner, Twitch streamer, and professional poker player, reveals how his studying to get cast on the show helped the way he studies the complexities of poker. Elliot and Kevin discuss why having a healthy body and mind is critical to success – especially during multi-day tournaments. Listen in to hear a young and successful expert of the game share how he boosts his confidence, when he sits out of a game, and why his girlfriend’s support might just be his deadliest weapon. Visit The Mindset Advantage Podcast or find us on iTunes to subscribe, visit previous episodes, and learn more about your host, Elliot Roe. Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:50 – Introducing Kevin Martin, former Big Brother, Twitch streamer, and successful live MTT player 01:25 – Kevin is a 25-year-old poker professional in Canada 01:55 – Kevin won the Big Brother show in Canada; he used to love reality TV so he studied the casting process to get cast on the show 03:00 – He relates studying the casting process to studying the complex systems in poker to find an edge 04:00 – Kevin’s view on self-development 04:15 – It’s always necessary, in poker it’s easy to say “I’m running bad” when you really need to improve your game 05:00 – Kevin’s accomplishments 05:10 – This past summer he went on a crazy live run; he won three tournaments and placed 2nd in two tournaments   06:10 – He sees the wins as a testament to his hard work and wants to keep it going 06:55 – Kevin’s game plan to get an edge 07:07 – You must set yourself up for success before the tournament; it’s important to eat well and take care of your body 07:45 – Optimizing breaks, meditation, and disconnecting while at the table 08:30 – If you miss a showdown, you lose money; treat the game like the most important thing in your life at the moment 09:10 – Tournament professionalism 09:25 – At the $1,000, $2,500, and $600 buy-in level, no one has the intensity required to get to higher stakes   10:12 – How confidence impacts his playing 10:22 – He plays more aggressively when he’s confident; he advises not to play if you don’t feel confident 10:40 – Take a break if you’re on a downswing to study and boost your confidence; players will play differently against you when you are confident 11:28 – Kevin’s buy-ins: He was in a tournament for six bullets because he was within his bankroll management and it was still a profitable decision 12:10 – He feels comfortable playing bigger buy-ins now; he’s excited to play at a $25,000 buy-in this year   13:30 – Tournaments where PokerStars use it as marketing   13:51 – There will be a lot of dead money at the tournament, so it’s a good one to participate in when increasing your buy-in 14:00 – Seeing people break down at tournaments 14:38 – People that aren’t taking care of themselves fall apart in long tournaments; this is an advantage for pros 15:55 – Recreational players can study, commit to improving, and still win tournaments 17:20 – Kevin’s Twitch streaming 17:27 – He’s moved up stakes and started firing up mix games; his community has been very supportive and has set him up for success 18:02 – They play small, medium, and some high stakes 18:33 – Some people from Big Brother support him and got into poker 19:23 –Kevin’s goal list 19:40 – “To become a super-killer” poker player 20:23 – Kevin studies his mistakes and surrounds himself with smart people so he can improve 21:45 – Ego can get in the way, but you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable 22:14 – The best players always question themselves and always look to improve 22:54 – A moment from 2018 that sticks out 23:17 – It was the final 22 at Run It Up Reno and there was $70,000 up top, his girlfriend was there 23:50 – He wasn’t himself so she told him to workout, shower, and meditate, and he came back after the dinner break 100% and ready to play 24:25 – She is a supportive partner and gives him an edge 25:00 – A message for listeners 25:00 – Poker is accessible to anyone who is willing to commit to the game; there’s still the opportunity to follow the poker dream 27:10 – Play sober and study; following the game plan pays off 3 Key Points Optimize breaks, meditate, and stay healthy to perform at your best. Always question yourself and look for ways to improve. Play sober, rested, and confident – or don’t play at all.    Contact/Resources Kevin’s Twitch   Kevin’s Instagram Credits Podcast Production by Podcastily
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