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Druff & Friends Show - 04/25/2018 - A Nine Hour Tour

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Air Date (7 months, 3 weeks ago)
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TMMLK calls in (starts at 0:29:40 mark). Druff pledges $400 of own money to future PFA contests after freeroll "unclaimed money" controversy (0:50:41). Update on Vegas sports handicapper missing at Mt. Charleston (1:12:40). How did khalwat and tradershky meet Druff (1:38:00)? Ray Davis ejected from his own tournament series at Venetian after altercation with Frankie O'Dell (1:54:58). Career scammer/embezzler who scammed WSOP winner almost got away with murder (2:02:30). Cate Hall has moved to a polyamorous commune (3:19:31). Nevada Gaming passes new regulations regarding gambling wien stoned (3:39:41). Pokerstars purchased UK gambling giant Sky Bet for $4.7 billion (3:56:20). China to ban all forms of online poker, including play money, on June 1 (4:31:36). Senior citizen given probation after being caught embezzling money from charity poker games (5:10:32). Are poker dealers working a dream job, or is it an underpaid nightmare (5:20:57)? The final three-plus hours of the show involve Druff and Brandon discussing various random topics. tradershky and khalwat co-hosted most of the first half of the show.
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