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Druff & Friends Show - 04/25/2019 - It's a Razzle Dazzle Day

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Air Date (6 months, 2 weeks ago)
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Major, long-running scam occurring at Dominican Republic casino of international hotel brand Riu (segment features attorney Eric Bensamochan -- starts at 0:18:34 mark). Colonel Fabersham and Chico Loco attempt to call Riu hotels in order to get to the bottom of the situation (1:38:24). Shaun Deeb and Daniel Negreanu going at it hard on Twitter (2:06:32). 3Bet Poker Clothing is going out of business (2:36:23). The ongoing tournament markup debate: Who is right? (2:54:18). Phil Galfond's "Run It Once" looking like it will be a failsite (3:22:40). James Holzhauer crosses $1 million mark in Jeopardy winnings (4:05:20). The Bike is decaring war on Commerce mid-stakes action (4:25:05), including a Colonel Fabersham call. Pokerstars stupidly takes bets on New Jersey college game -- in New Jersey (4:45:02). Update: Another guilty plea in police-backed illegal Kansas underground poker game (4:52:08). New US sportsbetting watchdog association formed (5:02:22). Editorial: Is college loan forgiveness the right thing to do? (5:10:12). tradershky co-hosts.
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