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Druff & Friends Show - 05/15/2019 - Money Poor, Plasma Rich

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Fake poker player profiles on Facebook are attempting to scam (topic starts at 0:24:16 mark). Dan Heimiller posts WSOP package with insane markup which is mostly hidden from buyers (0:53:20). Man hits $609k win at Kentucky Derby through William Hill in Reno, only paid $35k (1:37:35). Pokernews article: Give plasma to replenish poker bankroll (2:17:55). IRS seizes $4 million assets from Oregon poker player, over pirating accusations (3:01:26). Bovada removes certain cash tables from site (3:24:35). Las Vegas Review Journal does long article about Rio, but is it accurate? (4:01:30). Major sportsbetting partnership made between Pokerstars and FOX (4:34:34). New Jersey online site gets in trouble after geolocation easily faked (4:57:10). tradershky co-hosts.
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Poker Players Go To Extreme Lengths To Sabotage Venetian $150K
In the wake of controversy over the Venetian's $150k "Total Prize Pool," poker players are banding together to keep participation in the event to a minimum. — read more »
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