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Druff & Friends Show - 06/14/2019 - A Collection of Collections

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Druff talks about the rest of his Big 50 event, including a surprising encounter with a girl from his past (topic begins at 0:24:38 mark). Druff bricks other events badly in the first half of his WSOP (1:09:34). Druff gets in standoff at Rio after refusing to open door for erroneous "safety check" (1:21:52). $25k Fantasy League thrown into turmoil after event added to schedule (1:40:58). Sam Soverel makes terrible fold-out-of-turn mistake, but was it intentional (2:13:15)? Weird pseudo-all-in controversy involving Mario Ho (2:39:01). Poker table collapses during WSOP event, causing arguments regarding re-creating chip stacks (2:55:52). $10k Short Deck event creates Day 2 registration embarrassment for WSOP (3:13:56). All nine WSOP Onlne bracelet events can be played in New Jersey, due to recent DOJ decision (3:29:58). Backlash against PokerGo for moving some streaming content to premium CBS service (3:43:19). Scammer Adnan Mohammed's voicemail hacked, recordings put on YouTube (3:55:24). Hot 26-year-old female Russian poker player dies in bathtub under mysterious circumstances (4:27:54). Randall Emmett owes/owed money to a lot of poker pros, including Kelly Minkin and Danielle Andersen (4:40:15). Lottery-like satellite suggestion by Daniel Negreanu sparks angry debate between him and another poker player (4:52:38). Party Poker to stop providing hand histories (5:23:15). tradershky co-hosts. Calls from Tyrone from Vegas and Rob from Pittsburgh.
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