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Druff & Friends Show - 08/16/2019 - The Envelope Please...

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Druff celebrates being mostly healthy one year after last year's problems started exactly a year ago (topic starts at 0:06:07 mark). Druff took a trip to eastern US and Canada (0:44:02). Update: Druff's "Move Over" ticket adjudicated in court (1:14:45). Michael Borovetz arrested again for airport scamming (1:35:50). WSOP Main 7th place finisher Nick Machington sued by staking group "C Biscuit Stables" -- but who's in the right (1:47:58)? Poster on 2+2 accuses Bovada of demanding money for phony chargeback (2:20:27). IRS sending warning letters to people who misreported cryptocurrency income (2:45:22). Home game scandal near Cherokee, NC involved custom backs of cards made for cheating (2:58:25). AHoosierA calls in, and discusses a weird serial masturbator stalking his wife (3:16:30). Poker journalist Haley Hintze victim of room invasion burglary attempt at Candlewood Suites Las Vegas, featuring Colonel Fabersham call attempting to get to the bottom of it (3:33:21). Man arrested for follow-home robbery of poker player who played at Harrah's North Kansas City (4:21:13). John Mehaffey writes article listing faults with regulated Nevada online poker (4:30:42). WSOP very likely to return to Rio in 2020 (4:51:31). Druff to start playing mixed game tournaments at the WSOP in 2020 (4:55:25).
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Air Date (2 years, 5 months ago)