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Druff & Friends Show - 11/08/2019 - Clerical Error of the Year

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(Topic begins at 0:19:20 mark): WSOP Player of the Year Disaster: Clerical error caused title to wrongly be awarded to Negreanu, also royally screwing Shaun Deeb.... (0:57:01 mark): Allen Kessler joins us to discuss the WSOP POY mess.... (2:16:42 mark): Small update in Mike Postle / Stones cheating scandal.... (2:29:27 mark): Poker vlogger Mark Ari arrested while live streaming while walking around New Jersey acting erratically.... (3:20:47 mark): Heads up Sit-n-Go "Dream Machine" bot ring exposed by a former accomplice.... (3:45:03 mark): "Freerolls Poker Club" in Texas pitching for investors with a ridiculous sales pitch.... (4:28:10 mark): Former WSOP Main Event champ and Bellagio president Bobby Baldwin to be director of gaming for upcoming casino "The Drew" in Vegas.... (4:45:43 mark): Pokerstars Pennsylvania is up and running -- but will it succeed?.... (4:59:02 mark): member denied Seven Stars for being overcomped.... (5:22:42 mark): Wynn and Encore Las Vegas are now using unpopular/unethical no-change ticket redemption machines.... (5:35:45 mark): Encore Boston on pace to make $700 million in its first year -- but still fall short of initial projections.... (5:41:52 mark): "Mattress King" Jim McInvale lost $13 million after the Astros blew Game 7 of the World Series -- but was this bet what it appeared to be?.... Co-hosted by tradershky.
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Air Date (2 years, 2 months ago)