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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/24/2020 - Welcome to New York, Isai!

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(Topic beings at 0:17:02 mark): Pokerstars founder Isai Scheinberg arrested, to face 2011 criminal charges for running illegal poker site.... (1:00:19 mark): Flashback: Pokerstars skimmed tens of millions out of 2011 Black Friday FPP cashout, and nobody remembers.... (1:39:17 mark): Self-styled sportsbetting king Rob Gorodetsky turned out to be funding gambling habit via embezzlement.... (2:11:48 mark): Update: Prahlad Friedman continuing to tweet ridiculous stuff.... (2:37:36 mark): player claims they did Superbowl drawing on the wrong day, but were their actions legal?.... (2:54:06 mark): Pokerstars Pennsylvania raked $2.5 million in December 2019.... (3:01:42 mark): WSOP releases yet another update, announces more freezeout events plus new carnival-style bounty.... (3:22:07 mark): Update: Viral target toothbrush tweets were likely the work of a clever troll.... (3:43:21 mark): Opinion American tipping culture is more about making the tipper feel good than actually helping anyone. tradershky co-hosts.
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