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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/25/2020 - And So Cometh the Jews

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(Topic begins at 0:23:33 mark): Eric "Sheets" Haber joins us to talk about his experiences in the New York area during COVID-19 times.... (01:22:23): WSOP officially postponed at least until the fall.... (1:42:57): Phony gambling coach Christopher Mitchell brags about his Martingale system, and more is unearthed about his past.... (2:31:17): Robbie Strazynski of Cardplayer Lifestyle comes on from Israel to talk about Jews in poker.... (3:16:12): US now has over 54,000 coronavirus deaths.... (3:38:13): Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman makes fool of herself on national TV.... (4:34:54): The great shutdown debate: Who is correct?.... (4:54:58): badguy23 calls in for the second time (first was during the Goodman segment).... (5:18:59): The coronavirus is mutating -- here's what it really means for us.... (5:29:58): If there's no vaccine and no reliable treatment, what then?.... (5:39:23): Hospitals financially struggling due to lack of elective surgeries being allowed.... (5:50:45): Will there forever be a "new normal" of social distancing?.... (6:02:19): First US COVID-19 death backdated to Feb 6 -- does this mean anything?.... (6:07:36): How to assert your rights as a consumer during the coronavirus pandemic.... (6:29:34): Jew tip of the week: How to reach Amazon by phone during coronavirus phone center closure.... (6:50:32): $500,000 Rock-Paper-Scissors bet invalidated by Quebec court.... (7:01:51): Bally's Atlantic City, Montbleu in Tahoe, El Dorado in Shreveport all sold in preparation for Caesars merger with El Dorado Gaming.... (7:18:35): MansionBet online casino under fire for offering VIP incentives for UK customers' unemployment checks -- Colonel Fabersham reports.... (7:35:56): ElkY (Bertrand Grospelier) joins GGPoker as sponsored pro, gets coronavirus. tradershky co-hosts the first half of the show.
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