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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/05/2020 -

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tradershky co-hosts. (Topic beings at 0:28:00 mark): Mount Charleston fire threatens PFA rotary phone.... (0:32:23): Player claims that he got the "duplicate IP error" when trying to register for event from Caesars.... (0:43:13): Some players reporting issues getting money onto to play events.... (0:57:34): Screen shots & videos of other players using training or HUD software is upsetting recreational players.... (1:03:58): Oops! Limit O8 WSOP event accidentally set up as PLO8.... (1:09:45): Phil Hellmuth had chip lead in first bracelet event with 18 left. Did he do it?.... (1:19:49): Rumor flies that state will force-close casinos soon as casinos deny it.... (2:04:43): Caesars CEO Tony Rodio sends out letter to employees about staying home when even slightly sick.... (2:12:15): Curse of PFA: Danielle Andersen reveals she has COVID-19?.... (2:29:14): Phil Hellmuth trying to sell modest Vegas home, but is it nearing foreclosure?.... (2:54:10): Gavin Newsom orders closures of all California casinos, but Indian properties stay open.... (3:01:20): Atlantic City casinos reopen, but without smoking or alcohol.... (3:10:26): President of Station Casinos dies in boating accident.... (3:57:33): Intelligent blog makes the case that coronavirus will hit each metropolitan area hard once, then die out.... (4:45:09): Hydroxycloroquine shown in study to significantly reduce death, after all.... (4:55:00): Ivermectin - the drug you probably haven't heard of, some claiming cures COVID-19.... (5:07:15): Opinion: The "Karen" meme isn't what it seems, and is everything I hate.
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Air Date (1 year, 12 months ago)