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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/21/2020 - Amanda's Long Road Back

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NOTE: Poker Fraud Alert Radio now on Google Play Podcasts, and several other platforms.... (Topic begins at 0:28:10): Interview with Amanda Stinchecum, former PFA guest, about her past life issues.... (1:59:33): Amanda describes the Texas poker scene.... (2:17:29): Ty Stewart, head of the WSOP, explains to Pokernews why Caesars decided to do second 2020 Main Event.... (2:48:24): Gamber claims Four Queens is not interested in following up on assault he experienced in elevator there.... (3:03:27): tradershky joins show. Bill Perkins in another high-profile Twitter battle, this time involving Doug Polk.... (3:27:35): Update on Negreanu/Polk heads-up match.... (3:34:43): States shutting down casinos again due to COVID.... (3:51:18): Druff describes a crazy limit holdem hand he recently played online.... (4:10:32): Update on Master Scalir's COVID-19 situation.... (4:20:48): Moderna claims its vaccine is 94.5% effective, Pfizer upgrades theirs to 95%.... (4:49:06): Major spikes throughout the US create spring-like panic, hoarding, new restrictions.... (5:10:09): Editorial - Masks and the illusion of COVID security.... (5:54:00): Brandon calls in to banter for 2 1/2 hours.... (6:31:50): Master Scalir joins the call as well, and stays on until the end.
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Air Date (2 years, 2 months ago)