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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/04/2020 - The GG Hoedown

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(Topic starts at 0:31:50 mark): Dan Bilzerian signs as GGPoker ambassador, immediately gets into hot water after calling Vanessa Kade a "hoe".... (1:29:52): Update: Daily Mail claims Tony Hsieh accidentally died after passing out while doing nitrous oxide whippets.... (2:19:50): Update: Cheating Cubans CAUGHT at Dallas-area cardroom, thanks to PFA listener.... (2:28:35): 2+2 strangles own forum with obnoxious, persistent ad at bottom of screen.... (2:57:01): Former employee of armored car company pulls of $1.7 million burglary in broad daylight without using any weapons.... (3:08:57): Seth Palansky leaves WSOP for Conscious Gaming.... (4:03:22): Eric Baldwin gets stiffed by wsop.com after his satellite win doesn't match posted payout.... (4:37:39): Anna Antimony makes staking impropriety claim against former PFA guest Clayton Jiang.... (5:01:03): Pennsylvania online slots revenue dwarfs online poker revenue, making future of legalized online poker look questionable.... (5:11:17): Record COVID-19 death, new case numbers cause major concern for months leading up to vaccine in US.... (5:49:32): Vaccine will cause major (but temporary) side effects in some -- will this be a problem?.... (6:06:31): Druff has to decide if he gets a colonoscopy in January during likely peak in COVID cases.... (6:27:16): Editorial: When voter fraud (and non-fraud) claims and common sense don't match up
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Air Date (2 years, 6 months ago)