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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/29/2021 - The Four Polyps of the Apocalypse

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(Topic begins at 0:18:58): Druff describes his experience with his colonoscopy, and the surprising result he got.... (0:47:23): Call with Master Scalir.... (1:08:06): Week of internet financial influence: Reddit board sends hedge funds into turmoil, Dogecoin pumped up.... (1:52:11): Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu get into flap over limping & stalling during match.... (2:21:14): Christopher Mitchell's baccarat scam cracking as angry customers rebel.... (2:58:28): Mike Matusow accuses Scott Ball of scamming.... (3:36:39): Dan Bekavac of Midway Poker Tour plays tournament despite having recently stiffed players of $50.... (3:45:44): Update: Biological mother of kid raised by Kristin Ting, shows up on Allen Kessler's Facebook, tells her side.... (4:16:19): Wire Act re-re-interpreted by US Appeals Court -- very favorable to online poker & online casinos.... (4:32:20): Pokerstars launches in Michigan, experiences first-day fail.... (4:44:50): Gambling world figure Shane Sigsbee accuses Jon Martinelli of a premeditated $500k sportsbetting scam.... (5:03:49): WSOP bracelet winner Ivan Deyra banned for multiaccounting on Winamax.... (5:23:51): World Poker Tour sold to private investment firm for $78M.... (5:32:44): New Jersey online sportsbooks accused of offering bonuses to customers to not withdraw.... (5:48:34): Vaccine distribution continues to have issues.... (6:08:34): New York COVID deaths in nursing homes are apparently double of what was believed.... (6:28:54): Double and triple masking? Is it ridiculous, or a good idea?.... (6:34:48): Transgender doctor Rachel Levine selected as assistant health secretary, but has ugly recent past involving COVID. tradershky co-hosts during beginning and end of show.
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Air Date (1 year, 6 months ago)