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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/08/2021 - Every Rose Gold Phone Has Its Thorn

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(Topic begins at 0:10:58 mark): Daniel Colman claims Sean Perry scammed him out of over $1,000,000 via weird Daily Fantasy Sports prop betting scheme.... (1:25:50): Phil Hellmuth beats Daniel Negreanu - again.... (1:42:55): Brandon Cantu and Negreanu go at it on Twitter.... (2:04:38): Druff spends $3000 on virtual horses in new "Zed Run" fad.... (2:42:19): Druff discusses a dental scam which Nolan Dalla was victimized by in Vegas.... (3:03:49): Is a restaurant at Paris Las Vegas charging a resort fee?.... (3:22:16): Caesars to open sportsbook at Chase Field, home of Arizona Diamondbacks (Brandon joins in the middle of the topic).... (4:00:45): Wynn Las Vegas casino opens at full capacity... (4:12:52): Colorado poker rooms can finally offer real NL holdem and PLO.... (4:21:28): What are sensible COVID rules right now for poker rooms?.... (4:37:48): Druff and Brandon mess with a Nigerian scammer who has been texting Brandon.... (5:10:03): COVID vaccine to be authorized soon for 12-15 year olds -- but is it a good idea?.... (5:24:27): Nigeria Part II, as the scammer calls back.... (5:58:31): tradershky shows up and we talk with him.... (6:17:09): Brandon has tradershky and Druff guess various stats for casinos in March 2021.
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Air Date (1 year, 3 months ago)