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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/28/2021 - Monkeymaker Strikes Back

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(Topic begins at 0:14:22 mark): Druff explains how he was very sick with a fever in the middle of last week's radio.... (0:29:30): Update: Chris Moneymaker moves forward with class action lawsuit against PayPal, and you probably know his attorney.... (1:05:01): Interview with online poker grinder Mike "BrockLesnar" Holtz, who alleges mistreatment, unjustified ban by management and Caesars.... (2:07:49): Major ACR tournament crash gives Chris Moneymaker a chance to shine as ambassador.... (2:26:53): Faraz Jaka claims nobody understands why it's so hard for ACR to fix its problems.... (3:01:42): "Billy Joe Taylor" recently arrested for an alleged $88 milion COVID testing scam, possibly the same Billy Taylor as high stakes poker player "Bildo".... (3:23:23): California's Big Day: June 15 set as full reopening date for the US' largest state, Brandon joins the show.... (3:34:28): Disabled poker pro KL Cleeton gets special van through poker players' fundraising.... (3:51:23): Brandon's weekly Las Veags news.... (5:24:33): The "Wuhan lab" theory of COVID origins picking up steam in the US, after longtime denial by many.... (5:35:10): Brandon, Druff, and tradershky continue to string along Nigerian scammer "Sherif".
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Air Date (1 year, 2 months ago)