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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/18/2021 - Slut Pull

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(Topic begins at 0:25:13 mark): Ruling finally comes down for Veronica Brill's attorney's fees versus Mike Postle, with a surprising twist.... (0:44:03): Major update in case of Chris Moneymaker versus Paypal case, featuring call with his attorney Eric Bensamochan.... (1:17:47): Massive Twitter drama breaks out involving crass comments made by ACR CEO Phil Nagy on a stream.... (3:31:27): Druff uncovers the likely return of the strange "Rachel Lees" Twitter user, causing controversy under a new name.... (3:47:17): Matt Berkey challenged to a fight by Robert Kuhn, which turns into heads up match, plus has old politically incorrect tweets unearthed.... (4:06:33): Bizarre tweet by Dan "Wretchy" Martin claims he just assaulted Matt Stout.... (4:21:10): Full WSOP schedule released -- Brandon joins during this topic... (5:12:54): Doyle Brunson, 88, plans to play in this year's WSOP.... (5:25:44): Druff wastes 5 hours attempting to book rooms for WSOP -- tradershky joins us.... (6:16:01): Resorts World to open this week on June 24.... (6:34:32): Commerce seems to have lost its middle and upper stakes limit holdem games.... (6:59:05): Haralabos Voulgaris alleged in article to have major control over Dallas Mavericks' moves, and said to have issues with star Luka Doncic.... (7:38:49): Disasterous ZED Run drop last week casts doubt upon future viability of project.... (8:15:15): Latest chapter in the saga with Sherif the Nigerian scammer.... (9:06:39): Resorts World will have cashless wagering, becoming the first casino in the US to do so. This was the longest show in PFA history, clocking in at 9 hours and 33 minutes.
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Air Date (1 year ago)