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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/16/2021 - From the Ashes PFA Rises

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(Topic begins at 0:20:30 mark): Happy anniversary? Druff talks about 10-year anniversary of fallout with good friend, which led to PFA's creation.... (1:41:30): Controversial early 2010s poker pro Matt Marafioti likely just committed suicide in New Jersey.... (2:28:44): Users on 2+2 go after Sklansky and Malmuth for past transgressions, now that they are no longer admins.... (3:23:32): WSOP publishes disturbing COVID disqualification policy, semi-retracts it, full truth still unknown.... (4:24:58): PayPal updates Acceptable Use Policy -- was it because of attorney Eric Bensamochan's upcoming class action suit?.... (4:40:10): Caesars Palace now charging guests a $75 fine for storing their own drinks in minibar.... (5:07:42): Update: Reason for Rio's 2-week non-acceptance of bookings now known.... (5:20:14): Caesars CEO claims company will sell Vegas casino in 2022.... (5:29:35): Southwet Airlines sues "Skiplagged" site for making people aware of cheaper ways to fly to major airports.... (6:34:32): Are children really in big danger due to Delta?.... tradershky co-hosts during the later hours.
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Air Date (9 months ago)